Welcome to the *New* New Zealand Blogging Company!

» Posted on Sep 26, 2012

Welcome to the next iteration of this blog – the New Zealand Blogging Company. We are a small group of close friends looking to get into the world of blogging. We’re are here to revive this blog, again, carry the torch, and continue informing and entertaining New Zealand with informative and interesting content. We will be posting anything that we think is entertaining or instructive  and most of the time relevant to New Zealanders. Below you will find the original blog’s mission statement. We may not be the same writers/organization, but our goals are almost identical. Cheers!

Welcome to the New Zealand Blogging Corporation. We are proud to revive one of New Zealand’s fine old brands and drag it screaming from the 1970s into the internet age. The medium may have changed, but the mission remains: to inform and entertain New Zealand with unique, quality programming. We hope you enjoy your NZBC experience. Set us as your homepage and share your thoughts through the comments links or via email.