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Iniquity: This fiction wants to be free

Sounding the last post: as of today, Blogger has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to stop letting bloggers post content using FTP (boo!), so this may well be the last thing you read on this manifestation of the blog. Fear not, fellow netizens! NZBC is not dead, it just smells, let’s face it, awful fuggly.

But there are plans afoot, involving a truckload of Gran’s Remedy and a Brand New Domain Elsewhere.

To celebrate this momentous event, I’ve hit upon the writerly equivalent of “handing me fags round”: I’m making my most recently written (and possibly my last ever) short story, ‘Iniquity’ freely available to anyone who emails me expressing interest.

‘Iniquity’ is set in a speculative, post-collapse (dare I say?), “Orwellian” Auckland in which all media are heavily sanitised, coffee is prohibited, hats are back in style and the city sky is filled with advertising slogans.

The first part of the story is available now, absolutely free, on my website. And I will send the entire thing for free to anyone who drops me an line and specifies whether they’d prefer to read it in the body of an email or as a PDF attachment.

Adios then, NZBCsters! See you in another place.